Emergency After Hours Service (EAHS) Workers of Children’s Aid Society of Toronto CUPE 2316.1

What do we do?

  • Emergency After Hours Services (EAHS) are comprised of experienced, fully certified Child Protection Workers, responsible for responding to allegations of child abuse and neglect on weekdays (5pm-8:30am), weekends and holidays.
  • EAHS responds to and collaborates with various professionals in the community such as Toronto Police, Hospitals, and Schools.
  • EAHS responds to and provides face to face support to families as well as children in CAST care who are in crisis requiring urgent assistance.
  • EAHS is responsible for responding to a variety of child abuse emergencies, in isolation and with limited resources often traveling in and outside of the GTA.
  • EAHS respond to circumstances that include children who have been Severely Injured, Abandoned, Exposed to Domestic Violence, Neglected, Sexually Abused and in some cases, children who have been Murdered or have been witness to a parent who has been killed.