Preserving & Sharing our Heritage

Learning makes the world a better place, but it doesn’t just happen in the classroom - it’s a life-long pursuit.

In 2003 the Elgin and Area heritage Society began operations and focused on restoring the Red Brick School and its two classrooms.  Today, the Junior Room functions as a late 19th century classroom, where we invite nearby Grade Three’s to come for day for a living history experience.  A  teacher instructs them using period teaching methods.  The students learn that school began with singing God Save the King, followed by lessons in spelling, reading, memory work, cursive writing using an ink pen and nib, and Roman Numerals.  The Senior Room is now used as a meeting place, a lecture hall, entertainment space, and for our Elgin Days “Treasures and Treats Sale”.


For the past number of years the EAHS has aimed to increase the public knowledge of the history of Elgin and the surrounding region through meetings, exhibits, events at the Red Brick School,  a speaker series, and participation in local heritage events. We also work to  support and encourage local heritage conservation.  All of these activities help to build stronger communities.

Readying the Creating a Community Display

The Elgin and Area Heritage Society (E.A.H.S.) is a community-based and community-supported organization. We seek to preserve the Heritage of Elgin and area through educational, cultural and social activities; and restore and manage the Red Brick School.

Our events begin in May when the Red Brick School reopens for the season, when a schedule of events begins.  We need your help to in presenting these events. There are no qualifications for membership - although the more you are interested in Elgin and area history, the more fun you'll have. We’d be delighted to welcome you as a member!

If you wish to become more active in the life of the Society, there are numerous ways to volunteer your service and enthusiasm in the social events and activities organized by the EAHS. Members are also eligible for election to the Society’s Board of Directors. Elections are held at the Society’s Annual General Meeting which is usually held in January.

The Society needs a wide range of skills including leadership, finance, secretarial, writing, web design, photography, a flair for drama, archival abilities, etc.  For three years we have been fortunate to be able to draw upon those who have special memories of the area, and we hope to continue this.  If you have stories to share about Elgin and the area, we want to hear from you.  Interested in video-taping these stories contact us.  Also, we are looking for people with a flair for drama and willingness to help in the Grade Three program.  Students spend half a day in the classroom and then half a day learning about the village visiting the cemetery. If interested, please contact us for more information.  It is very rewarding and fun.

We are excited this year to continue with many activities to entertain, enlighten and broaden our knowledge of the area around Elgin. Volunteer for events such as: the Spelling Bee, “teaching Grade Threes” at the RBS, Music in the Park, Pub Night, our annual Rummage Sale, and Exhibits relating to the heritage of South Crosby.  This year the focus is on Hamlets near Elgin, following last year’s successful “Creating a Community”. These exhibits are designed to highlight the history, legacy and local talent in the area.

Regular meetings are held at 9:30 am the first Wednesday of the month at the Red Brick School - May to November, and Guthrie House - February to April.

Look for more information and details in the “Westport Review Mirror”, the “Athens Mural”, Facebook (Elgin and Area Heritage Society), Community Bulletin Boards, and in the Calendar of the Township Magazine.

Questions and suggestions are most welcome.  Memberships may be purchased at all of our events.

The Elgin & Area Heritage Society is a non-profit organization and a registered charity. Our governance structure is set out below and positions are filled by nomination and election at the Annual General Meeting:

  • Executive
    • President
    • Past President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
  • Eight Board Members

For further information email us at