Best Times Vol 1 Description:

Recordings of the memories of students, teachers and others associated with rural schools in Rideau Lakes in celebration of the 125th anniversary of Elgin Public School.

Alumnae: Doug Campbell, Ed Dwyre, Ted Dwyre, Joe Fahey, Doranne Daniels, Joe Hamilton, Mike Hamilton, Neil Patterson.

Interviewers: Jane Campbell, Mary Roantree

EAHS Members: Anne Bishop, Mary Carty, Paul Dean, Diane Haskins

Mayor: Ron Holman

Production Team: Drew Patterson, Clay Patterson

Edited by: Drew Patterson


Best Times Vol 2 Description:

Volume 2 of the Elgin Public School 125th anniversary celebrations interviews:

South Crosby Interviewees: Mike Carty, Joe Donovan, Ab Emmons, Sylvia Burtch French, Etta Pyne Glover, Bill Hamilton, Mary Davis Hamilton, Clare Carty Legere, Lincoln McIntyre, Viola Sargeant McMachen, Vivian Mainse Perrin, Mary Irene Kenney O’Hearn, Monica Hamilton Scanlan, Linda Coon Sly, Bruce Teepell

Interviewers: Jane Campbell, Mary Roantree

Location: Restored classroom of Elgin Public School, SS # 5 South Crosby, 2011

Producer: Diane Haskins

Video Editing: Dave Daw, Summit Sound Inc. Westport, ON

Cover Design: Kathy Daw