Mirror Mystery

The original print of this image has the words “Sam Brown’s” written directly on the bottom left edge of the photo. Presumably, this refers to a local dry goods store. And at first glance, this seems to be a very ordinary shot. Notice however, that the cat is reflected in a mirror behind the lower radiator. Indeed, this mirror extends across the entire top half of the scene.  And then suddenly, you see him!!   Pennock… right in the middle… behind his camera… taking a shot of himself as well as the subject. This is another example of Pennock’s “Dark Room Magic” thinking, a process that occurs in the mind of the photographer well before he even presses the shutter.

One must consider the array of “Grant” items behind the lady. What could they possibly be? Who is this Grant? Is it Ulysses S. Grant?  Are they pipe tobacco or chewing tobacco tins, or maybe cigar boxes?  More of Pennock’s mysteries woven into his photographs.

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